Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Omega Man score 1971

Hi all! I hope some of you have visited and downloaded my 1st share file of the "Modern Problems" theme song. I have a bad flu and I'm sick as a dog (what does that mean anyway?) as I post this. Now, here is a very special treat for you. This is the out-of-print score to the epic 1971 film "The Omega Man" starring the immortal Charlton Heston. This cd release was very limited at 3,000 pressed and I got it right after it came out in the early 2000s. It is very expensive to get your hands on one - now I am passing this wonderful score on to you for free.
One of my favorite and one of the greatest books ever written is "I Am Legend" by Richard Matheson - one of the greatest fiction writers of all time (his son, Richard Christian Matheson is also a great writer). The book was made into the movie "The Last Man On Earth" starring Vincent Price in 1964 (the film that inspired "Night Of The Living Dead"). The character's name of Robert Neville was changed to Dr. Robert Morgan. This is a great film. Then, another great film from the book was made in 1971 - "The Omega Man". The character's name is the same as in the book.
So, we have two of the greatest actors of all time each playing the role of Robert Neville. Now, in 2007, the film "I Am Legend" will come out appallingly starring Will Smith (Arnold Schwarzenegger was originally supposed to play the role in this remake). Let's see: Vincent Price, Charlton Heston, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Will Smith - something at the end of that grouping seems way out of place. Remember how Smith put a skid mark stain on the epic "The Wild Wild West" TV series character of Jim West in that stupid movie from 1999? Let's see: Robert Conrad, Will Smith... ARGHH! (see my post thoughts about "I Am Legend" below)
Anyway, read the book, see the first two films, and enjoy this beautiful score from "The Omega Man" composed by Ron Granier and reminisce at all of Neville's dealings with "The Family" and his solitary struggle as the last man on earth. The link is embedded in a pic above. Enjoy!
ATTENTION! 1-3-2008: I just re-upped this link and... Update: THE WRITERS DID A NICE JOB WITH "I AM LEGEND" - IT WAS COOL! WILL SMITH WAS SO-SO IN IT. - Jason

Saturday, March 24, 2007

"Modern Problems" for Chevy Chase in 1981

Hi everyone! Here is finally Nightchillers Rare Music's first posted share link of some OOP music. This is the theme song for the 1981 film "Modern Problems" starring Chevy Chase. I saw this flick in the theatre with my parents when it came out. My parents always took me and my big brother to many Rated R films (although this film is PG) when I was born in the 70's right outta the gate. I just thought I'd mention that but more on it in later posts. Don't let anyone tell you this movie misses the mark, just rent it, enjoy it and have fun - it's classic! I just watched it for the 1st time in years about a month & 1/2 ago and when I heard the theme song I remembered it and that I had always liked it. I thought it might be just a studio-musician track and then found it to be by The Tubes. I have since bought 3 Tubes cds (anyone remember the cool song & video of "She's A Beauty" from 1983?) and I'm stoked on the band. Anyway, this song "Gonna Get It Next Time" was only released on a rare comp. called "Premium Gold" which is OOP and impossible to find so I ripped it from the DVD. This is one of the songs which displays the tight musicianship of the band and their creative grooves & stellar vocals - The Tubes tear it up! The link is embedded in the left pic above. Enjoy!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Hello everyone! This is "Nightchillers" 1st post...

I'd like to welcome you all, and let you know that I just created this blog last week, and will try to figure out by which method I will upload RARE and OOP music to share with everyone by this weekend. The Phelpster at "The Manchester Morgue" is a great guy and he has given me some good advice. So be sure to add me to your site list as a place for the goods!

On a side note, The horror movie "Dead Silence" opened today. Just over a week ago I had written this movie off as just another "tense & brutal, mind-game gross-out" flick from the writer, director & producers of the "Saw" films. But, then I watched an online trailer for it and realized that it is a supernatural horror film with a scary, old, dead lady & her wicked puppet children. Not that any of this is really new, but compared to all of the mostly brutal-torture-shock horror films out these days, at least the "Saw" guys are doing something supernatural and possibly scary. So tonight I'll see it and can only hope for some scary fun!

If you want to see an AWESOME & fun '80s throwback MONSTER movie, see 2006's ABOMINABLE directed by composer Lalo Schifrin's son - it's SCARY, a lot of FUN & RULES!