Friday, June 13, 2008

Happy FRIDAY The 13TH! I give you "Haunted Halloween: Spooky Sounds To Chill Your Bones" - 1991 from Dove Audio!

Happy FRIDAY The 13TH everyone! Here I have a quickie special trick n' treat for you on this fine evening: "Haunted Halloween: Spooky Sounds To Chill Your Bones" from 1991 from Dove Audio! I love this Halloween sound effects album! It has all of the classic synth effects and creepy sounds you'd expect. I just found this and thought I'd lost it years ago! I bought this (it's a cassette inside of a cardboard sleeve) back when it came out in 1991. I may have bought it in 1992, yet the point is that probably in 1992 is when my good bro and I Steve Daillak charged up to Chico, CA for Halloween! I think it was our first Halloween trip to Chico and before he was going to school there. We charged up in his ole speedy Toyota Celica and were a couple of wreckless youths with some unmentionable substances in the car with us. I had suggested at one point that we throw in this "Haunted Halloween" cassette I had just bought to have as background spookiness during the long drive and of course get us into the fun spirit. Side A repeats on side B so we let it go for long periods as it just replayed over and over - it isn't that long in length. At one point we were way up on some backroads after passing through Sacramento and Steve was driving like 80 mph through thick Tule fog (tooley). The fog was soo thick that we could barely see a foot in front of the car in every direction! It's like when Scooby Doo cut a donut out of the fog and ate it! The only thing visible was the two RED tail lights of a car charging fast up ahead of us, piercing through the fog like demon eyes! That's how Steve sort of navigated - the crazy mother! He may have even been going faster in the Tule fog at times. We somehow made it, and of course Chico is infamous for Halloween and that was the first of many for me there.
Steve and I still joke to this day about being lost passing through Sacramento for a bit and then in the thick fog for a long time as we were simultaneously listening and quoting parts of the demonic voice in "Haunted Halloween": "If - you - enter, this - house - you may never - come out - alivvveee..." followed by demonic laughter. We would substitute "town" & some other words in place of "house" in demonic voices and crack up.
I hope you enjoyed this little tale. Hunt for the hidden download link and enjoy!