Wednesday, October 24, 2007

"Uneasy Listening" from Eerie Von & Mike Morance in 1996

Howdy folks! This will be my last music post before Halloween as I am flying to the East coast tomorrow morning to Boston & the surrounding area until November 5th. As with back in 2001, I will be spending Halloween in Salem, Mass.!

Here we have a very fun old favorite of mine: "Uneasy Listening" from Eerie Von & Mike Morance from 1996. Eerie Von is the chap who grew up in Lodi, NJ and graduated from Lodi High School in 1982 with Steve Zing ("Samhain" drummer) and Doyle of "The Misfits" and then joined his good friend Glenn Danzig as his bass player in "Samhain" - an AWESOME band! He then moved forward with their next AWESOME band "Danzig".

"Uneasy Listening" is Eerie's 1st solo album, and he made it with a guy named Mike Morance. I actually have Eerie's 2nd solo album "The Blood & The Body" but I have soo much music I have not listened to it. Anyway, "Uneasy Listening" rules and it is made with the sort of intention of a Halloween spook-out scary sounds & sound fx album. You can listen to it in the background as you bob for apples in dry ice. You gotta download this one and play it Halloween night! Search for the link and enjoy! HAPPY HALLOWEEN everyone!!!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Here are two cosmic connections between me & Buckethead...

Here are two cosmic connections between me & Buckethead... Dude!!! Not to sound lame but a guy I know that did some work on Buckethead's home a few years ago said I look a lot like him... with the exception that I'm 5'8. That was when I had just barely gotten into Buckethead. Not only is Buckethead my favorite musician, but I just found out today that he has the same birthday as my older brother Mark who just turned 40 (Buckethead is younger) on October 7th!!! What an awesome trip! I can't wait to see Buckethead live! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HALLOWEEN & OCTOBER FUN BUCKETHEAD!!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

"The Gate" 1987 RARE & Unreleased film score by J. Peter Robinson!

Hi folks! Jason here saying sorry I haven't posted since July, but I had to take a break for awhile and now I will be sure to update frequently again - especially here in October. For your forgiveness, here is a tasty little Halloween treat for everyone: J. Peter Robinson's RARE 1987 film score from "The Gate"! I bring this to you EXCLUSIVELY, 20 years later in 2007! This is the first time it is being shared anywhere on the net, as it has never been released.
This is another horror film that as we all know is a true gem from the '80's, and I feel it is a masterpiece in every way. My friends and I were about the same age as these kids when it came out and it aired on HBO and regular TV all the time for years. It just plain RULES and was always a favorite of ours kickin' around the Daillak or Hoff family households! I know you all have wanted this wonderful, creep-out film score forever, & it'll make you feel like you're in the movie! You get it here first! Hunt for the hidden download link. Happy Halloween!
Tibor Tackacs also made another great '80's horror film called "I, Madman" - check it out!
Here is a web page and Tibor Takacs interview about "The Gate" with awesome photos:
RE-UPPED May 28th!