Thursday, January 24, 2008


No one thought it would happen, even myself, but the N.Y. Giants are going to face the N.E. Patriots in SUPERBOWL XLII! Brett Favre is my favorite all-time QB and it's too bad the story ended but hey. Also, I have loved everything that the Patriots have done this year. Randy Moss is the man on & off the field & I'm not a Brady hater like everyone else, I'm glad he broke the NFL single-season record with 50 tds. Like all of the coaches and commentators say, if you don't like the Patriots staying in to score tds, do something about it. End of conversation.
I had a good feeling about the Giants draft picks this season, and they sure paid off! Ahmad Bradshaw, Aaron Ross, Kevin Boss, Steve Smith, etc. I feel that Bradshaw is a huge reason why they're going to the Superbowl.

Most people have been against & doubted the Giants all season, and now that they knocked off the only team in the NFL that I hate - the Cowboys, and beat the Packers, everyone has to shut their traps. The Giants broke the single season record of 10 straight road wins - that's incredible! Eli has been frustrating for me to deal with, but he's done well and now he's in the big show.
Osi, Strahan, Jacobs, Plaxico, Toomer, all the DBs, etc. have been stellar!

Props to Eli, Peyton's sittin' on the couch! Congratulations N.Y. Giants, time to dance with destiny and beat the Patriots!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

"MEATBALLS" 1979 Soundtrack from 8-track cassette - Happy New Year!

Hi everyone, welcome to "Nightchillers Rare Music" in this new year of 2008! I apologize for not posting since right before Halloween of 2007, but I'll make it up to you. My Dad has finally finished putting together my new, gnarly monster of a computer system for my apartment and now I can give you new music posts more frequently at my home instead of after hours at work. Also, I was ill the whole first half of 2007 when I started this blog.

I thought I'd start this first 2008 post wth a bang! Here is the original soundtrack from one of my top 5 favorite movies: "MEATBALLS" from 1979! Containing some sound bites, it was recorded exclusively from 8-track cassette! I recorded this in I believe 2005. Now it is finally shared with everyone else in this sparkling, stellar form! I just love "MEATBALLS" as it represents everything from my early childhood that was still great about America. If you haven't seen the movie in a while or are younger and haven't seen it, it rules! It's hilarious & also very touching in my opinion. Bill Murray, all the other goofball camp counselors & kids have a whacky summer blast! Just like it was back then!

I was soo lucky to have been born in the early 1970s, as I believe on up through the 1980s we still had those old American family values & fun! Also, I was soo lucky to have gone 1 time to summer camp with my best friend Eric! Every kid in this country should go to summer camp at least once.

The score of course is by the maestro composer Elmer Bernstein ("An American Werewolf In London", Heavy Metal", etc.) so you know it's special! And the other songs just rule by a classic bunch of artists like: David Naughton (Dr. Pepper commercial song & star of "An American Werewolf In London", etc.), Terry Black, Mary MacGregor, and Rick Dees! Plus songs from the cast, you can't loose! Hail the beloved 1970s & 1980s! Hunt for the hidden download link & enjoy!

Track listing:
1. Are You Ready for the Summer (01:45) Music by Elmer Bernstein, Lyrics by Norman Gimbel. Performed by Camp North Star Kids Chorus
2. Moondust (02:39) (Elmer Bernstein-Norman Gimbel) Performed by Terry Black
3. C.I.T Song (01:28) (J. Blum) Performed by the original cast
4. Rudy & Tripper (01:33) (Elmer Bernstein)
5. Rudy & Tripper (cont'd) (01:33) (Elmer Bernstein)
6. Makin' It (06:54) (D. Fekaris-F. Perren) Performed by David Naughton
7. Olympiad (01:34) (Elmer Bernstein)
8. Meatballs (04:55) (Elmer Bernstein-Norman Gimbel) Performed by Rick Dees
9. Rudy Wins the Race (01:08) (Elmer Bernstein)
10. Rudy Wins the Race (cont'd) (01:35) (Elmer Bernstein)

11. Good Friend (02:39) (Elmer Bernstein-Norman Gimbel) Performed by Mary MacGregor
12. Moondust (Reprise)/Are You Ready for the Summer (Reprise) Elmer Bernstein-Norman Gimbel) Performed by Terry Black/Camp North Star Kids Chorus (03:07)

UPDATE!: I just read the comment from Ellis Van Sofa about being in the "Camp Northstar Kids Chorus" with Elmer's daughter Emily, WOW! How cool is that? Ahh the wonderful old days of America, never forgotten!