Tuesday, May 29, 2007

"The Dunwich Horror" 1970 rare score from Les Baxter

Oh yes folks, this is a real gem I got here for ya. Les Baxter's phenomenal and highly imaginatively suited 1970 score to the film "The Dunwich Horror". This is one of my favorite old horror films as taking on an H.P. Lovecraft story doesn't get much better than this, especially for 1970. The film very ambitiously pulls off some effective, stellar stuff. The atmosphere, the alien eerieness of Dunwich, the relentless obsessions of the Necronomicon - all the yin to the yang of the innocent Sandra Dee. This superb score rounds it out and makes it all tight of course. Check out the film if you haven't seen it before/in a while. Then enjoy this score, after you download it from my hidden link to another plane of existence!
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Friday, May 18, 2007

Angi Schiliro's "White Lady" from 1992

After posting two metal albums, here is my next non-film score review of Angi Schiliro's "White Lady" - referring to his ivory Stratocaster lady. At every speed & degree of softness & power, all of these finely crafted songs are pure beauty. Known as a member of Stormbringer, Paganini, Zero and Kingdom Come, Italian guitarist Angi Schiliro has also written songs for China and his music appears in such film soundtracks as "Mona Lisa" and "The Fourth Protocol". "White Lady" is the guitarist's 1992 solo CD, featuring 9 instrumental tracks with a mix of rock, metal & neo-classical pieces. Slow ballad to faster segments, the album could be a film score. As Schiliro writes in the liner notes, "This album is pure, timeless music, created with the hope that there are enough people out there who still know the meaning of the word. In every song, I've tried to capture the atmosphere, mood and feelings of situations and of my soul, never concerning myself with the speed of the guitar solo. I have tried to let my guitar sing, scream, talk, cry, tell, run, fly and gently weep - like humans do. In keeping with the special language and expression of the guitar, you can't help but fall in love with its beauty."

And in the hands of a master like this you truly get timeless guitar beauty of the highest degree.
total running time, 42:36

This album is available from Guitar9.com as a rare re-release. So if you're convinced, and I know you are, go pay the paltry amount for the CD and crank it up!

Friday, May 11, 2007

"Dreamscape": The 1984 film score

Ahhhh, "Dreamscape". If you saw this film as an American boy in 1984 and didn't love it, you weren't an American boy in 1984. This movie just all around rules and is very impressive still to this day. Here I give you the wonderful, dreamy, electronic OOP film score by Maurice Jarre. The composition of each musical piece (sometimes playing on the main theme) is really the work of genius. You've got great melodies & the AWESOME main theme, weird changes & instrumentation, and an overall controlled lunacy which is highly adventurous, subtle, exquisite, horrific, pleasant, beautiful and fun all wrapped up neatly. You should watch the movie first so you can connect the musical passages visually. Hunt for the hidden link unless you can download the file with your mind. Enjoy!
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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Ahhhnnnolllddd is: "The Running Man" in 1987

Let's face it. If your an American guy my age, Ahnold rules. He always did. "The Running Man" is of course one of the Ahnold ass-kickin' classics. Aside from politics, which is a tough area to deal with and takes a lot of deep layer peeling for us citizens to really know what the fine print says, he still rules. Political parties are bullshit - unfortunately we have to appoint officials that fall within these stupid little categories that make people feel snug & cozy about (just like American pop-culture). There may be things instilled or backed by "The Governator" that look good or look bad on the surface. Yet, if you really want to talk smack about politics, then you gotta know what the hell you're talking about. I know a lot more from over the last couple of years and the most important thing I've learned is this: You can't always just listen to what people say, you have to investigate the policies and propostions yourself. It doesn't matter if you're for any particular party (except for appointing a certain position to tip the balance in an area where a party may be failing), you just have to know that many good reform decisions have a downside to them. Some are frankly just the right thing to do and have no downside. Some politicians are hollow and demonic, some are stupid, some are both, some want to do the right thing and are patriotic, some are stupid, some are both. Also, religion CAN NOT influence political decisions. For example, if you speak to a school teacher about education reform, you must know about where they live, what are the circumstances, what grade level they teach, if they get reform in one way does it hurt something else, is this person religious?, etc. I have friends & family that are school teachers in California, but I have yet to ask them some particulars on Schwarzenegger's conduct. I'd like to think that our "Governator" wants to do the right things. Some say he is evil now, some say he is good and cares. At least for kicking cinema-ass and "pumping you up", Ahnold is the man.
Anyway, here I give you the awesome, out-of-print original score by one of my favorite composers: our main man Harold Faltermeyer. Hunt for the hidden link and have fun!
Here Governor Ventura and "The Governator" have a disagreement on education policy reform.
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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

"Piranha" 1978: UPDATED! score by Pino Donaggio

Hi folks! Here I bring you 5 of the 16 tracks (UPDATE! See below to get the ENTIRE score) from the 1978 family fun classic "Piranha". As with "Jaws", young children find this film very soothing. And who could blame 'em, aren't these little critters just so cute & cuddly you could just squeeze 'em? Maybe not as cute as a 25 foot Great White shark or an adorable 40 foot Megalodon, but hey... it's not a contest!
This score is by of course one of the greatest composers of all time & space: Pino Donaggio
Hunt for the hidden link above & enjoy!
I posted this mainly at the request of my good buddy & sideshow freak "The Fiji Mermaid"

he/she/it is also very cute
UPDATE! Our buddy & fellow blogger steve2000a shared this link to get the FULL 16 track "Piranha" score in 2 parts at: http://u2n2.com/article.asp?id=26667
Thanks dude!