Friday, July 13, 2007

HAPPY FRIDAY THE 13TH! "The Bridge" 1991 soundtrack by Skipp & Spector for their novel!

HAPPY FRIDAY THE 13TH everyone! On this glorious day I bring you this RARE & special treat of "The Bridge" 1991 soundtrack by Skipp & Spector for their smash hit novel from the same year! I read the novel before and during my plane trip back to Boston from California right after 9-11. I even went up to Salem, Mass. for Halloween... it ruled! I have since read nearly all of Skipp & Spector's novels and I urge everyone to read them as they are some of the best horror fiction novels ever written! "The Bridge" is about the earth mutating from a bio-toxic waste born, unhuman consciousness that rises up abruptly like a bolt of hot lightning! Death, doom, mutation, destruction and new chaotic order all ensue as the Earth reconstitutes itself with wreckless abandon... the apocalyptic end! Or... the ferocious beginning of the new Earth and Mother Nature's whacked out habitat... poor, dumb humans!
When I was in Junior High School, I remember seeing this novel or the soundtrack in a magazine add like Fangoria or something and how freaky the artwork seemed. John Skipp & Craig Spector are also musicians and they each sing and play guitars & keyboards among other things along with Brian Emrich on bass, programming, etc., to create an astounding and kick-ass soundtrack to their novel with the slogan "The Soundtrack To The Movie In Your Mind". That's right folks, take a look at the CD front cover and notice I found this rare gem in mint condition in L.A. for $1.00! I suggest you read the novel first so that you can get a visual image of the scenes in it as you listen to this soundtrack and it will make more sense.

There were times a few years ago when I was in L.A. at certain places and I would kick-it and talk with John Skipp. He's a cool guy, and I've always felt we were on the same wavelength when speaking. We talked about "The Bridge" as what it would be like theatrically and he made the sound point that it would only be done justice made as an animated film. There is soo much mayhem in the film that I agree 100%. John actually invited me to come over and jam and check out some of his new music software & equipment as we both were buying similar stuff at the same time. I never got around to going over there as I fell into a fucked up relationship (still recovering) at the time and eventually bailed out of L.A. I'll contact him again sometime soon to say "hello".
I just found out that low & behold a film is being shot right now of their epic werewolf novel "Animals"! Thought I'd never see the day, I can't wait! Check out the link to this recent interview with Craig Spector:

Well, here you go, and this horror soundtrack has everything you'd want in it: horror, hilarity, passion, electric, acoustic, singing, rockin', droning, tribalish drums, eerie, creeping, instrumental, effects, groovin' and dark doomin'! Look for the hidden download link above, enjoy, and let me know what you think (read the novel first!)
Attention: Link re-upped 2-27-2009! Enjoy!