Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Mr. Spock's Music From Outer Space from 1967!

Hi folks! I am sorry for not being around more - I've been slammed with work & the move of our business to a new location! I promise to post at least once every week & 1/2 or so. I hope you all have enjoyed my last post of the phenomenal 1990 punk album by Rat Pack - I know Evan did!
Well here we go, it's Mr. Spock's Music From Outer Space from 1967!
This is just an all around awesome album from the fun & interesting Leonard Nimoy. Excellent narrative, singing, and the music is fantastic! Of course I love & grew up with the ORIGINAL STAR TREK (new generation was lame except for Picard). Just like the show, you get really cool wisdom & creativity from Nimoy & Mr. Spock all rolled into one! We also get a version of the theme song from the awesome "Mission Impossible" TV show that Nimoy co-starred on as well.
Here's a review:"The original sixties classic, "Mr. Spock's Music from Outer Space" is perhaps the most sought after Nimoy album. Like a piece of fine blue cheese, thirty years have added another dimension to this remarkable debut.
Under the strict creative control of Paramount, the album includes marvellously camp big-beat versions of the "Theme from Star Trek", "Beyond Antares" and of course the "Theme to Mission Impossible", all without any visible input from
Mr. Nimoy
. Tasteful covers such as "Music to Watch Space Girls By" add substance to the instrumental section of the album.
In lieu of a theremin or similar electronic instrument, the Star Trek instrumentals feature a screaming reverb-laden combo organ with all vibrato switches "set to stun". Musical accompaniment is provided by a
Ventures style surf group with a liberal supply of thetamine .

If "Two Sides of Leonard Nimoy" is the White Album of Star Trek recordings, this is Sargeant Pepper. Stand-out tracks include "Twinkle Twinkle Little Earth" (Spock addressing a conference of "little green men"), "Alien" (a poignant cry against prejudice on behalf of Vulcan visitors to Earth) and "Visit to a Sad Planet" (where Spock visits the Earth after a nuclear holocaust in seeming ignorance of earlier Star Trek time-travel plots).
The album also features "Where Is Love?" from "Oliver", & a cover of Weill's "Lost in the Stars". (Fans of Kurt Weill broadway recordings of the 50's and 60's will appreciate what exceptionally tough competition Nimoy faces for this honor).
Worth the extortionate collectors' prices as one of the greatest party records of all time."

This can be rare to find & super expensive, so get it now! You'll love this album. This is way ahead of its' time, just like Gene Roddenberry's amazing vehicle of morality, wisdom, science, and the glorius unknown! Search for the hidden download link & enjoy!

01. Theme From "Star Trek" - (from the TV series "Star Trek")
02. Alien
03. Where Is Love? - (from "Oliver")
04. Music To Watch Space Girls By
05. Beyond Antares - (from the TV series "Star Trek")
06. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Earth
07. Mission Impossible - (from the TV series "Mission Impossible")
08. Lost In The Stars
09. Where No Man Has Gone Before - (from the TV series "Star Trek")
10. You Are Not Alone
11. A Visit To A Sad Planet
12. Highly Illogical
13. The Difference Between Us
14. Once I Smiled
15. Spock Thoughts
16. By Myself
17. Follow Your Star
18. Amphibious Assault

Monday, March 3, 2008

RAT PACK self titled, full-length punk rock L.P. from 1990

A very special treat for you is a very rare gem of a stellar punk rock album. This is the self titled 1990 L.P. from one of the best Southern California NARDCORE punk bands: RAT PACK from Santa Barbara. They were one of the best Mystic Records Label bands, and they had a few singles & a couple of 7" e.p.s starting in 1984. All of their material rules, which I have, yet this self titled full-length release from 1990 is the one you gotta hear. Even folks that are
afraid of the moniker "punk rock" must remember, that's just the "genre" that certain rock n' roll bands or albums fall under. Most great punk bands sound completely different from each other with their own unique sounds, styles, and most importantly, song writing. Black Flag, Dr. Know, Agression, Dead Kennedys, R.K.L., Bad Brains, Minor Threat, Mistfits, Ramones, Iggy Pop, Subhumans, Flower Leperds, Adolescents, etc. sound nothing like each other. They can't just be labeled "punk" bands, because they all have their own styles & sounds.

"In 1984, RAT PACK singer/founder Matt Ratt was covering the vocal duties for R.K.L., while singer Jason Sears was away on "medical leave". During this time R.K.L. was signed on to record for the now infamous "NARDCORE" album on Mystic Records. Just prior to recording, Jason returned from his leave of absense. So left with the dilema of an album to record, and suddenly no band, Matt was told to throw something together quickly and record for the album anyway. So after a few rehearsals with Chris Rest and Alpo D.(borrowed from R.K.L.) Dave Casillas from STALAG 13 and Mike Torres from NARTHEX STRUCTURE, RAT PACK was born! Although originaly only meant to be a recording project for the NARDCORE album, RAT PACK ended up doing three records for Mystic, 1985's self titled 7", 1987's "Ice Cream Acid and Cigarettes" 7" and 1990's self titled full length Lp. Through the years RAT PACK has gone through long periods of hibernation, with many line up changes...people that have played in and recorded with RAT PACK include current and former members of bands such as NOFX, SOCIAL DISTORTION, STALAG 13, THE ADOLESCENTS, D.I., SUGAR CULT, HOLLYWOOD HATE, FOO FIGHTERS, LAG WAGON, R.K.L., NO USE FOR A NAME, and ME FIRST AND THE GIMME GIMME'S."

Rat Pack 1990 lineup (Winnebago pic left to right):
Sean E. Vader - Drums
M.j.p.- Bass
Thirsty Al the III (Alpo) - Vocals, Guitar
Matt Ratt - Vocals, Guitar
While Rat Pack is a punk band, this album has amazing hooks, riffs & heavy fun time melodic tunes & GREAT SONGWRITING that should have been on every radio station in the U.S.A. in 1990. But, a low-budget band like this never got on the radio. YOU MUST DOWNLOAD THIS, YOU & EVEN YOUR GIRLFRIEND WILL LOVE IT! Search for the hidden download link and enjoy!