Saturday, April 4, 2009

"Meridian" 1991 film score from master composer Pino Donaggio!

Hi everyone. Here is the music score for the Full Moon horror-fantasy film "Meridian" from 1991 by Pino Donaggio! That's the year I graduated from high school so I remember renting the flick that year or the next. Of course being from Full Moon, the film itself sucks. Yet, composer Pino Donaggio's beautiful film score is the superb aspect. Of course, he is the master of themes & melodies, chart topping pop hits, and imaginative & memorable film scores.

He's a superb singer, violinist, and composer. His use of an orchestra with synthesizers and eeire female harmonies are other reasons his scores stand out from other composers. "The Howling", "Tourist Trap" (2 of my favorite films), "Piranha", & a bunch of Brian DePalma film scores, etc. are all in his resume.

The tracks that I've highlighted in green in the track list are my favorite tracks .The other tracks, although just as awesome, have certain dramatic moments (it's a horror film of course) that pop up which can become jarringly loud and disrupt your listening flow. So you could make yourself a playlist of only those tracks I highlighted, or just make your own mix. Search for the hidden link to download the file and enjoy!

01. Meridian Overture
02. Unholy Seduction
03. You Are the One
04. Forbidden Love
05. Dangerous Dimension
06. Blood Brothers
07. Confessional
08. Beast to the Rescue
09. Life into Stone

10. Animal Passion
11. Catherine's Theme

12. Revelations
13. Circus from the Past
14. Trip to the Castle

15. It's Just a Dream
16. Kill This Beast


Alex said...

Thanks Jason!

Anonymous said...

He's a superb singer violinist, and composer, I love his song

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Alex said...

Hey Jason, where did you go buddy?

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zahir said...

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Jingle said...

All these songs are very good by him. But the song which i likes most is the "Blood Brothers". Its really an awesome song. Thanks for sharing such a nice list of tracks.

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