Sunday, November 30, 2008

Alan Lennon "Heaven's Call" - virtuoso guitar-rock album from 2003!

Hi all, Jason here! I know that I have said in the last few posts that there would be no more lulls in my posting on "Nightchillers Rare Music", but to put it bluntly: I went on a vacation in late Summer, and ever since then I have been practicing drums & guitar at home inbetween the spaces of running a business 9-5 Monday thru Friday. I also re-installed 32-bit & 64-bit OS's onto this, my home system. I have regreted letting the blog suffer but it IS important for me to have some steady life in the blog and I promise I'll inject it back in!

Here is the inspirational, all instrumental rock album from guitar virtuoso Alan Lennon entitled "Heaven's Call" from 2003. This is his 1st sort of E.P. length album that has been highly praised all over the world. It is very rare and has been unavailable to find for a few years now. I think I first heard it in 2006 and it is one of my favorite instrumental guitar records with its' melody-before-technique compositon. Young Alan from Ireland, has played with some of the biggest shredders in the world and he has astounding skill on the guitar. These songs are soo original with such a giant stature of beauty that your granpa, dog & girlfriend will all be really impressed! Soft & heavy, hard & light, new age, rock, neo-classically shredded sections, etc. are some words to describe it. Click on the hidden download link and enjoy!

Alan Lennon "Heaven's Call"

"The Story:

Influenced by such stellar musicians such as Shawn Lane, Jeff Beck and Jason Becker, Irish guitarist Alan Lennon has released "Heaven's Call", an EP/CD featuring melodic shred and atmospheric hard rock that is an inspirational listen. As Lennon himself states, "With my music I always try to put the songs before the technique. If a song does not need any fast technical playing, I won't put any in. What good is music if it is not nice to listen to? I think it is important that your music is accessible to people who don't play guitar." With that in mind, some songs do lend themselves to technical playing, as the blazing fretfest "Cherry Bomb" illustrates with its balls-to-the-walls-sound - and you'll be impressed with Lennon's command of the fretboard."

The Music:

Setanta (Part One) 4:35
Bruce 2:12
Pure Vida 4:01
Ode To Becker 4:49
Kate Angel 1:50
Cherry Bomb 2:48
Night Skies 4:29
Setanta (Part Two) 3:07

+ 2 tracks added:

Amaya (full song demo) 5:19
Little Wing 4:16

The Artists:

Alan Lennon - Guitars, Production,
Shane McCullagh - Bass
Bryan Walsh - Drums
Richard McCullagh -Engineering, Keyboards, Soundscapes
Aidan Foley - Mastering
Mattias Noren - Artwork, Design


Evan said...

Awesome album! Thank you very much for sharing! Really love "Cherry Bomb" and that bonus track you included "Little Wing", but they all are great. Sad that Alan hasn't been widely recognized as he should be. Hah, and as for the delay in posting I myself have been lacking there (obviously). Just can't find the time to actually get anything done. Well, thanks again and looking forward to future posting!


Jason said...

Hey Evan great to hear that you like it! I support many cool, virtuoso musicians all over the world by buying their independent albums and seeing them live in the USA when I can. I'll post more like this at times.

Have fun,


Anonymous said...

I can seeing them live in the USA when.

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